Amaranth – 2012

February 19th, 2013


The amaranth we grew did pretty well. This picture was taken on September 12, 2012 and was close to harvest time. Since we had never grown amaranth before we were unsure of when to harvest it so many of these seeds fell to the surrounding ground. These seeds quickly germinated and by November/December  they were starting to grow everywhere. So much so that I started pulling them out before they got to big. Ended up getting about 2 cups of seed from it and will grow it at the ranch next season.

One interesting thing about this plant is that a few seeds started to grow in 100% sand that I had in a bucket and got to be about a foot tall from the rain (a few tenths of an inch maybe…) before it died. Goes to show this thing can grow in anything.

It is very slow to remove the seeds from the plant though. I need to work on a better way. I probably spent an hour to get the 2 cups separated.

I wish I would have taken more notes about this one plant but I know I will be planting more of it this coming summer.

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