Yellow Hop Leaves

May 28th, 2012

As you can see from the two pictures below my cascade hops are starting to get very yellow leaves.

Yellow Hop Leaves

After a bit of research I found that this is from a nitrogen deficiency. Without fertilizer the easiest way to up the nitrogen of an already growing plant is to add aged cow manure. Luckily (and oddly) enough I had some that I had taken from the parent ranch a while back. I crumbled it up and spread it all over the ground where the hops were growing, as well as I added about another inch of compost soil. Then gave it a good watering.

The picture below shows about how much I added. The compost had dried out a lot so it looks pretty bad, but still works great.

Cow manure on soil

Within 10 days the hops have regained their green color, and grown an additional 4 feet, making them twice as tall as there were then they started to yellow. Thats a growth of about 5 inches a day!

Green Hop Vines

Now I just have to worry about only have another foot of room for them to grow! Maybe I will run them along the roof vertically, I am not sure yet though.

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