September Update

September 12th, 2012


The amaranth is doing really well, as are the eggplants behind it. You can see some eggplant flowers on there as well.


In here is some butternut squash doing really well as well as the zuchinni which took up tons of space and did not produce a single fruit… There is also some tomato volunteers in there that I did nothing with. They end up producing a few tomatoes but nothing to write home about.

You can see the amaranth in the background from the picture above but also a smaller one with red leaves on the right side of the pic.


Planted 6 cherry tomato starts along with 2 basil to try out the companion planting ideas. I forget what was planted behind them (the four small starts next to the trellis) but they didn’t do much of anything. I believe they were cucumbers.

The large vine in on the trellis in the back is an oka melon which the damn opposums got to feast on while we were out of town.

The small vines on the right of the oka melon is some bean starts.


Here I scattered some of the heirloom tomato seeds and covered with a think layer of mulch as well as two more basil starts. The jalapeƱos that are on the right are doing great.

IMG_20120912_074118The okra is really tall..


The arugula has started to flower.


Some Georgia collard starts as well as a volunteer tomato planted underneath the okra. I was hoping the timing of the okra death and collards getting large would be somewhere near each other.. and I was right.


This is that volunteer squash that is growing from between the cement blocks. It must be moist under there because I never give it water and it does not seem to care.

IMG_20120914_181259I scattered a bunch of mustard, asian and lettuce greens in one of the beds (in the amaranth pic above its the square one to the top right), put some thin mulch down and here they are sprouting right up through it.

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