Start of June – Okra, Eggplant, Spagetti Squash, Colliflower, Zuchinni, Malabar Spinach, Jalepenoes, Beans, Bell Peppers and Tomatoes

June 20th, 2012

The okra has been producing really well so far. Its hard to keep up with harvesting them before they get to large and fibrous.

The spagetti squash are starting to die out, I thought something was wrong but it seems they are supposed to do this, you can tell the squash is ripe because the vine will be dead.

The cauliflower are ready for harvest and do surprisingly well in the hot temps.

Our first zucchini has grown.

I went by tuners and they had a nice sale on some plants. The watermelons in the front were free, and the peppers were $0.49 a 6 pack.

It seems that this rope idea for the tomatoes was not so smart after all.

The edemame does not do well at all. But at least it produced 3 little pods.

This squash just decided to grow inbetween the cement on the patio. I don’t have the heart to kill it and I am curious what kind of squash it is since we did not plant it.

The hops started to flower (I guess its called that?)

A Second type of squash bug has decided to join the party. As if there was not enough black squash bugs already. Although they do not seem to be doing any damage. I found found the easiest way to control them is wait until about 4pm and they will be sitting on the side of the compost bins. Then I just squish them and they don’t even care to move because its so hot.

The tomatillo plant has some form of white fungus on it. Not really sure what it is yet.

The ┬áMalabar spinach is doing well. growing like a vine…

The hops are growing very nicely.

The tomatoes are starting to die back it seems, they produced themselves to death.

We have been getting really good harvests almost every day. Here is one of them.

And another, tons of tomatoes, we have already filled lots of jars for pasta sauces.

Another days harvest.

Those potatoes really wanted to grow! I have no idea when to harvest them though.

The second batch of cucumbers is starting to flower so hopefully lots more to come.

The okra is about 4-5′ tall and as you saw from the harvests they are producing very well.

The zucchini are growing huge but only the 1 fruit.

Jess got me a nice avocado plant. Only need to wait a few years now for it to get to a decent size.

The swiss chard that we planted seeds of is starting to get some good size. However the carrots and amaranth have not shown themselves yet.

These beets can survive for a really long time, they have been ready to harvest for about 3 months…

The other tomato plant is still semi alive but fading fast it seems.

The watermelon is starting to put on some flowers. The set that was planted at the ranch has already got very large melons.

This is 1 of the many spaghetti squash scattered all over the yard.

The vines have taken over the yard and are still doing well.

The first egg plant is really doing well and we harvested it not to long after this pic and it was quite well.

1 of the 2 pineapples is growing, the other did not make it.

A different eggplant that we also harvested.

Got these ornamental peppers from turners as well, hopefully to stop the birds from eating all the tomatoes. It didn’t work…

The bell peppers are still doing really well. This is one to plant more of next year.

The butterfly flower plant doing very well and is covered with these red and yellow flowers and has attracted a few butterflies.

A few of the bell peppers have started to turn red, they taste much better this way.

The sweet potato is still alive and recovered from the hail storm.

I have not posted a picture of these aloe plants yet but they have been here since we moved in (brought them with us) and they have grown amazingly. They were not touching when we planted them.

The oregano from austin is doing great and I bet will soon take over this pot.

On the left is the tomato seeds that we fermented, and the right is ones right from a tomato. I don’t think I will be fermenting them ever again. Unless they grow much better…

Another harvest, less tomatoes this time, the beans have really started to produce. Not as much as they said it would but still pretty good. Next time we need to trellis them better.

They can grow to be pretty long though.

This is them before they age on the vine. They are best to eat raw like this.

A group of them.

This is what color they turn if you let them age on the vine. They become very hard and you cannot eat them raw. They are now beans we need to cook.

They said these first year hops should get to be 8 foot tall, which is why I limited them to the roof. But they have easily pasted that and it does not look like they care to stop any time soon!

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