Mid May Planting

May 15th, 2012

Even though the seed bags say that I can plant these seeds around mid may, I am hesitant that in the desert zone 9a they will grow. Hopefully they will because most other crops will be done producing in the next month or 2.

Orach, Aurora and Chantenay Carrots

As you can see from the pictures I planted some Orach, Aurora which if I remember correctly is some leafy greens. Also planted some carrots, however I should have planted them way earlier because the local farmers market has had them for a month now.

Got 2 different types of chard, ruby red and fordhook, problem is I cannot remember which I planted where… fail on my part.

Amaranth and Malabar Spinach

Lastly planted some amaranth and malabar spinach. The malabar spinach that was planted about a month ago is doing really well, and I hope to get a second wave of it.

These were all planted on Saturday may 12.

Since I failed and forgot which seed I planted where this is one of those 6 from above. It looks like it could be either the chards or the malabar spinach. This is a picture from march 24.

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