May 7 – Tomato harvest, First Eggplant, Tomatillo, Spagetti Squash and malabar spinach.

May 7th, 2012

We harvested a good amount of tomatoes today. Some look a little young but if we did not pick them the birds would do it for us. Next year I need to make some sort of netting to keep the birds away from them. But on the other side the birds have really helped eat most of the green caterpillars that have been eating everything.

3 different types of tomatoes produced, only the heirloom one (bottom left) was one we physically planted, the others were from some of the “weed” tomatoes that have been popping up everywhere.

Its just way to hot for broccoli, so we harvested what we could and pulled everything out. These are the leftovers from the first batch of broccoli that we let go to seed. They are tied upside down so that the seeds will fall off into the paper bag.

The first eggplant is starting to show.

Cauliflower is doing really well, much better than broccoli for this time of year. I think next year we will do 1 batch of broccoli followed by a second round of these.

Some tomatillos have started to fruit as well, I am not sure how to tell when they are ready to be picked, but need to figure that out pretty quickly.

Finally one of the bell peppers is turning a color, they tasted great while green. Hopefully even better now.

This plant has already been harvested once and now its ready again, these have done amazing. Also a nice lady bug just relaxing there at the bottom, probably pissed I removed all the broccoli that was covered in aphids.

In the past article I said this was a melon, I should have looked at the vine better. (the melons are planted within the spagetti squash) Its actually a spaghetti squash, and they are growing very quickly. There are about 5 set on around the yard.

This is another squash that will probably be a skeleton soon, the squash bugs have already gotten to it.

The hops are still doing extremely well.

I never realized that malabar spinach is a trellising green. Bit it is so now I need to quit slacking and get it a rope to grow up.

The lazy rope method words really well actually, this cucumber is fully supported by the rope and doing very well, growing up it on its own.

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