May 4

May 4th, 2012

First watermelon is starting to appear.

Way to hot for broccoli, they are going bad really fast.

Got a wire fence behind the beans now for them to climb up and it seems to be helping

After only 2 days its already using the fence and grown a lot.

Squash skeleton. It died really fast. Time to plant something new in its place.

The overtaking spagetti squash is starting to put on flowers.

I think the sweet potato is on roids, it was just planted a few days ago.

My terrible trellis seems to be working (tied a rope to the stem and wrapped it around the fence). The cucumbers are growing up it.

Hops are using the ropes as well and doing very well.

Part of the tomatoes is starting to die it looks like. Not to sure why. I may go in and thin it out some as I just learned i should be doing with these indeterminate types.

The okra is a little over a foot tall. Do I need to build a cage for these to grow up? Or are they like peppers.. I guess I will find out soon enough.

More flowers.

* I finally caught up with the older posts..

3 Responses to "May 4"

  1. Linda Golden says:

    Okra grows like peppers. No cage needed. They love the heat! (that’s why they do so well in Oklahoma!)

  2. I want okra! I think Anthony is going to build me a garden bed this weekend for mothers day last weekend. YAY! Is it too late to plant some okra?

  3. Cory says:

    You should still be able to plant okra, okra likes it hot and sunny. I also have some more seeds you can use if you want them.

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