Ah Hail

May 11th, 2012

We had one big storm come though, over 6.5″ of rain (the rain gauge filled up and was overflowing) and golf ball size hail that was coming down at such a fast rate I had to take video of it. (Hail). Not to mention the wind, I don’t know how fast it was, but I would take a guess at around 50 mph, with gusts higher.

You can see all the nice new holes the hail put in the squash leaves.

Took out some okra stalks.

Sent the Sweet potato through a shredder.

Took out a few tomatoes that were not in cages.

Took out the entire cages of some of the tomatoes, this one even had a large wooden stake in the ground about a foot but since with so much rain the ground because soft enough to move it.

Without the stake another tomato plant went vertical for a day. Ended up getting about 6-8 tomatoes knocked off.

Lost a huge branch on the tomatillo.

This wicker bed that I still have not finished turned into a mosquito pool.

Composts got a little water as well, I need to drill some holes to let them drain and then give them a turn.

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